Scholastic Classroom Magazines provide educators with a wide range of resource to build engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Each magazine uses current, highly engaging topics to show students the practical value and exciting potential of each STEM discipline.

Grades 3–6

SuperScience magazine is the most exciting way to teach curriculum-connected life, earth, and physical science concepts. Each issue features highly engaging articles, incredible photographs, science current events, and hands-on experiments that capture the excitement of science while helping you meet your most important science teaching objectives. Subscriptions include access to SuperScience Online, featuring science videos, learning games, and printable skills sheets that focus on the literacy skills required by higher academic standards. -Learn More


Science World
Grades 6–10

Science World makes today’s biggest scientific discoveries relevant to your curriculum as well as your students. Each issue explores the physics, engineering, chemistry, earth science, and biology concepts underlying today’s major science news stories. Subscriptions include complete access to Science World Online featuring videos, learning games, challenging worksheets, and so much more. -Learn More


Grades 3–5

DynaMath magazine makes math meaningful by applying curriculum-connected concepts to engaging, real-world topics. Your student will also get plenty of math practice with over 50 motivating problems in every issue (with 40 more online)! Subscriptions also include full access to DynaMath Online featuring instructional videos, learning games, printable skills sheets, and much more. -Learn More


Scholastic MATH
Grades 6–9

Scholastic MATH makes math engaging and accessible for your students. Every issue features real-world math articles that connect important math concepts to exciting news stories from around the world. Your student will also get plenty of meaningful practice with over 40 motivating problems in every issue (with 40 more online)! Subscriptions also include full access to MATH Online featuring instructional videos, learning games, and rigorous standards-based skills sheets. -Learn More

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Science Spin
Available in Three Editions for Grades K–1, 2, and 3–6

Science Spin brings current real-world science into your class. Each colorful issue comes packaged right inside your Scholastic News or Let’s Find Out bundle each month